What to expect from us?

We value our clients. Therefore, we make sure to inform them about everything before they arrive. Check out the overview below to know what to expect during your first visit to Charlotte Emergency Dentist –

Get to know us well –

Your first visit is much more than us knowing you; it is more about you getting to learn about our team. During your appointment with us, we urge you to ask questions, tell us your concerns, and share everything with us that you want to know.

Besides this, we try to know you, along with providing you with safe and personalized support that involves reviewing your medical history. We understand that certain medical conditions and medications influence your treatment protocols, so we ask you to provide a list of your medications along with their dosages (including vitamins and supplements).

A series of x-rays of the entire mouth and a complete oral examination of the teeth, gums, and jaw will be performed. Also, there will be a non-invasive oral cancer screening test.

We are your reliable dentist –

Once the entire exam is over, Dr. Sundaresh will discuss the issues with you. Together we strive to create a healthy and effective treatment plan that works the best for dental and personal needs at an affordable price.

We assure you that we will do our best to make you feel relaxed and safe, not only physically but mentally as well as emotionally. So, once you get in touch with us, all you have to do is lean back and relax – you’re in good hands.

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