Technology in dentistry has been continuously evolving. Dr. Sundaresh has an eagerness to learn about the new technologies and how to unite state-of-the-art equipment into his practice. Using the latest advances allows our expert dentist to treat the valued patients with less pain as well as fewer visits. Our primary focus is to deliver you a satisfying experience within a short period of time.

Dr. Sundaresh, with a team of professionals, contributes several hours each year training and taking advanced courses to ensure that we provide the best dental care services in Charlotte. We understand that utilizing the latest technologies consistently delivers excellent results. Therefore, we practice dentistry using the best advances available in the market.


A picture explains better what words can never, especially when it is about your oral health. An intra-oral camera takes images that showcases everything inside your mouth, with details, including cracks and stress marks on a tooth that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

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Complex jaw structures can often be tough to decipher on x-ray. But, with a Cone Beam, you get advanced 3D imaging, which offers the unprecedented ability to view the mouth and jaw in as much detail as a CT scan, but directly in our office.

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Highly detailed digital film and dramatically reduced radiation exposure offer the ultimate in safety and diagnostic capabilities.

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When the soft tissue lining your mouth requires minor adjustments, lasers are the best and smoothest solution. Silent yet powerful light energy helps to treat various dental conditions, safely and simply.

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Do you know what the combined use of microchips and dental anaesthesia is? Together, they create a unique anaesthesia delivery experience that delivers comfort and safety at the same time. If going numb makes you anxious, then you should definitely go for the Wand’s transformation that will leave you smiling.

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Changes in the lining of the mouth tissue require careful evaluation. VELScope® utilizes luminescence technology that helps in evaluating problematic areas of your soft tissue. This allows in early detection and diagnosis.

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