The benefits of Tooth Replacement Solution to Treat Tooth Loss

Tooth replacement is a high tech dental procedure that mimics the whole tooth structure. It feels, acts, and looks like a real tooth and can last for a lifetime if properly cared for. This is an excellent solution if you don’t have many missing teeth or your missing teeth are all on one particular side, and your surrounding teeth are healthy and strong. This solution works well in terms of dental health and care.

Tooth replacement technology has emerged as a state-of-the-art dental solution because of its amazing benefits over other treatments. And, with modern technologies in dentistry, most patients can get benefit from them, also even those who were told they could not before.

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Tooth Replacement

Who are candidates for Tooth Replacement?

If you have any missing teeth, decayed or broken teeth look beyond repair, replacements are usually the answer. If you’re uncomfortable with your previous dental solutions, then partial denture, dentures, or bridge from tooth replacement can benefit you the most.

Many years before patients with insufficient bone, certain health conditions or habits were not allowed for replacements. Advances in diagnostics and bone reconstruction researches have made it possible for every patient to receive tooth replacements.

How is Tooth Replacement Beneficial?

A tooth replacement is the first option for replacing missing, decayed, or broken teeth. It has potential benefits that help patients to get back their teeth in their original size and form. Let’s discuss some of the major benefits of tooth replacement.

Prevention of Bone Loss

Generally, we lose bone mass in our jaw when we lose any teeth. It influences the stimulation that our jawbone needs for maintaining mass. Tooth transplant is one of the best alternatives for replacing jawbone stimulation to restore this activity, which in turn avert loss of bone mass.

Offers Artificial Teeth Similar To Your Natural Teeth

You can discover tooth replacement in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. During treatment, your dentist tries to get you dental implants that perfectly fits in the gap. Furthermore, a doctor also works to provide you designs of the same color as that of your teeth. Later, only you and your doctor could identify the implants from your teeth; else, no one can recognize your replaced teeth.

Restores Your Bite Force

Tooth replacement helps you to bite with the same force as you bite with force with your natural teeth. It occurs mostly because of the anchoring of dental implants that restore the biting capability. This very feature makes it a popular option among people with dental problems.

Restores Shape of your Face

The facial structure has the utmost support for our teeth. When we lose our teeth, your face looks older than before due to loss of support. Eventually, it changes the overall shape of your face. Teeth replacements help in preventing the face from de-shaping by offering support similar to natural teeth.

Tooth Replacement Restores Your Natural Speech

If you have missing teeth, there could be alteration in your speech. You may face difficulty in pronouncing words correctly. Replacement tooth options help you to overcome such problems. You can enable your natural and comfortable speech smoothly, with no more issues.

Cavity Free Teeth

Artificial teeth similar to real ones prevent bacteria in your mouth and make you stay safe from infections. This is the very reason that obliges tooth replacement, a major option to opt. This is the best way to make yourself free from every dental issue.

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