Bone Grafting

Bones provide support, shape, and protection to our delicate organs and tissues. The same is for teeth! The bone around it is called the alveolar bone that holds the teeth firmly in place. The height, shape, and density of this specialized bone are often compromised due to gum disease, tooth extraction, and other forms of trauma.

If the bone moves away from the teeth, it never grows back. In some cases, the bone can be encouraged to fill with graft materials. Each situation presents a different scenario, but there are more options to promote bone repair in the jaw.

Even areas that have suffered bone collapse can get benefit from specialized graft material, reinforcing almost any part of the jaw bone. You only have to remember that the bone destroyed by gum disease often leaves significant defects around the teeth. While some of these areas are graft candidates, many of them experience irreversible bone loss.

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