Oral Surgery in Charlotte, NC

Oral surgery refers to any medical procedure which is performed on the mouth with regard to teeth, jaws, and gums. Depending upon the type of procedure being performed, oral surgery is decided to be done in the general dentist clinic, or by an oral surgeon in a hospital. Most of the time, the minor surgical procedures, involving the teeth and gums, may be needed to preserve or enhance long-term health.

Dr. Raghav Sundaresh is the best oral surgeon in Charlotte, NC. He offers the most reliable oral surgery that works best for our valued patients. Being an experienced surgeon, he ensures to take necessary steps that are vital for the comfort and safety of patients.

When to opt for oral surgery?

Oral surgery is needed for the tooth and jaw procedures that are beyond the expertise of any general dentist. For instance, if your wisdom teeth are impacted, removing them may require you to see an oral surgeon. Or, if you are suffering from gum disease and need to have a gum graft, then it is better for you to see a periodontist who performs these oral surgeries.

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Get the best oral surgery!

A damaged tooth must be removed if it’s beyond repair. We understand that patients may sometimes choose to remove a tooth due to financial limitations. But, here at Charlotte Emergency Dentist, we always work hard to help you find the solution that fits every aspect of your situation. We offer the best oral surgeries at the most affordable price, along with maintaining the highest standards.

Dr. Raghav Sundaresh uses the most suitable methods and equipment to provide a quick and painless visit. Sometimes our doctor recommends referral to a trusted specialist. Whenever he feels you will be served best by a colleague trained in a particular treatment, he won’t hesitate to use the most useful resources for your care!