Despite your greatest efforts, it is sometimes required to remove your teeth, in order to protect your oral health. Charlotte Emergency Dentist offers the best tooth extraction treatment in Charlotte, NC, at the most attractive price. We believe in your well-being and always consider it as a priority in any treatment decision. We help you know and review every possible option for your treatment plan and ensure that even the minor surgical procedures are extremely comfortable.

The extraction of some teeth more painful compared to others. But our team prides itself on helping each patient fall asleep with modern anesthesia. Apart from this, Dr. Sundaresh uses advanced instruments and specialized knowledge to remove the tooth out of place. You will receive specific instructions after the operation that can help you take care of the operated area after the treatment.

While the major concern is the short-term management of your problem, we can also discuss your long-term plans to replace missing teeth. The spaces between your teeth ruin your smile and create an appearance as well as functional challenges that are important to consider.

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